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Processing of tea properly
Dried tea, concur, powdered, drinking every day 6-12 g. using the linkage of 7-10 days. Use coordinating, tea (which was the better blood swift), geckos, HA e sa (fetal vegetables), equal amounts of complete Imperial calf, dried, small canopy, sieve fine powder, brush with honey as a member with the kernels. 20 day divided into 2 times.
Prepare tea as the dish according to the following methods:
Swifts nest Fiber glass drop: for nine from the steamer (do not cook directly with water as susceptible to debris and loss tonic) are placed in the bowl, laying chicken torn up, then hot chicken broth chan. Add seasonings for sweet enough to eat as a family.
Qin YAN: Yarn Swifts stuffed into the abdomen Dove did the clean meat with less sticky rice, green beans, ear or shiitake mushrooms, spices. Basement water for breadfruit ripened. Eating during the day.
Nest tea: Yarn Swifts have cleaning water in a Bowl I. Diameter with water to boiling, North, for egg whites and egg shells to scatter debris to infuse retrieved impurities. Filter it out, and then into the bowl of oats. Eat while still warm tea. Someone cleaning woollen nest with rock sugar and little ginseng or coconut water.
In folklore, people taking blood yen (Yen blood), subsection yen (Yen only I could), meat bird (bird rape) and in which the young bird's hatch (inner nest Sparrow). Bird nest 30 g (dried, Golden Star, to scatter the powder) mixed with garlic (3 CU) retired member worked, more ragged with kernels. Each time taking 3 tablets with warm water, cure food poisoning.
Soak the oats in a large volume 10 times the volume of the nest, in the range of 2, 3 hours depending on the thickness of the thin Yen until the nest swiftlets in. out. Prepare a tweezers (forceps remove) using tweezers remove embedded washing each little one for clean impurities and feathers. We may be separated into individual strands then for Yen on a sieve, put the sieve into the bowl of water, use a spoon to stir slightly, pick up the sieve up down, downy nest will keep water out and replacing the water many times, we had a clean nest.
-Cook the rice water: ranges from 20 minutes to 30 minutes for the sugar dosage depending on your liking per person. For 2 slices of ginger into 1 cup of oats to deodorant
-A tea divided into 2-3 cups depending on the major minor, everyday use 1 Cup, the evening is best, 100 grams for about 20 days
-Tea after cleaning let the refrigerator stop cooling, remember to dry not drench.
-To ensure the nutritional components of tea does not go missing. We shouldn't BREW tea directly as a tea, porridge normally which must Cook rice water.
A Bird nest
Nest nest after the purchase of:
-If the raw oats (and resources) we have to clean the hair and impurities (see section how to clean the hair) before step 2.
-If the nest has passed preliminary (Swifts have clean the hair), should we soak the oats in water about 20ph then pour off the water has soaked and continue to step 2.
For the Swifts have cleaned (Approximately 5 g) and sugar (dosage as you like) into a cup (small old) at the same time. Pour water to fill (just flooded the swifts and rock sugar).
Place the Cup (or small noodle) above the pot has prepared, pour water into the pot for just under 1/4 of the Cup (or small noodle).
Cover the pot, just enough for the great fire to the boiling water and then turn the fire, conventional distillation time is 20 minutes, which can vary according to each type of area, add the soaked time table bloom and distillation water in the processing to achieve the best results.
After checking that the yen has gained the necessary firmness (customized preferences for each person), the fire took the Cup nest up to eat hot or to cold up on the fridge for people like eating cold, add 2 slices of ginger to eliminate fishy smell and more delicious parts for Cup nest.
Wish you the tea processing correctly when using guaranteed delicious taste from tea time.

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